Friday, 19 May 2017

WhatsApp pinned chats rolls out for all Android users

Popular chat app WhapsApp started beta testing a new feature called 'Pinned Chats' earlier this month. And now the feature has officially started rolling out to all Android users across the globe.

Pinned Chats feature allows you to pin an important chat or groups on top of the conversation list for easier access. To pin a chat or group to the top, you just have to tap hold on the chat, and you'll now see a pin icon right on top next to the delete, mute and archive icon. Tap on the pin option, and the chat will move right on top. You can pin a maximum of three chats on top. To unpin a chat, long press on the chat, and you' see that option to unpin on the top.

"With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list of conversations to text your family members or your best friend." noted WhatsApp in a press release.

The feature is expected to be rolled out to iOS users soon.

1 comment:

  1. This pinned chat features is similar to starred messages. I do not know if starred messages are there in android phones but seems to be futile introducing this in an iOS device.